Risepower Autotech company is the「superior quality、Customer the highest、specialized in technique」for ideal of start an enterprise,we've already had automatic screwing machines and types of assembly machines experiences,we start to provide the standardizing screwing machine for industry to use,on the other hand,the demanding Production of corporate world which is very important as well,for providing rationalization and effort-saving of automatic equipment manufactured plan,for rising the manufacturing efficiency、manufacturing quality and reducing the cost,not to wasting too much due to the people .
Equipment development item:
1. Types of auto screwing machine and auto fixed nut machine
2. AC screwing machine,variety clockwise、anti-clockwise torque controlling locking,display screen of torque and set up the maximum and minimum checking function.
3. auto loading、moving fixed position、dipping and grease injecting、punching and riveting、air leaking test、marking and inkjet printer…etc. disk multiple stations machine.
4. Pneumatic and electric screw driver locking and reflex equipment.
5. Treadle of bicycle assembly machine, all series of machine equipment develop.
6. The other automation machine develop for a special purpose.

Suitable company
Types of Motor、Pump、electric equipment、Motor vehicles and motorcycles、bicycle Components、hardware、Gas equipment、Clocks and watches、glasses、precision instruments、3C Components etc.
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